FOI Reveals No Additional Council Agreement With Developer

By Jacob Greenwood

A FOI request has revealed that there is currently no agreement between GolDev and Woking Borough Council (WBC) for the newly proposed scheme at Kingfield.

Following the rejection of GolDev’s Cardinals Court plans, new designs were drawn up that included 168 residential units made up of flats and townhouses. The developer announced the plans and encouraged feedback to be shared by early March before a request for planning permission was submitted. 

An agreement was in place between GolDev and Woking Borough Council for the proposed Cardinal Court development, which is currently subject to a planning appeal, but this isn’t the case for the updated plans. 

Through an FOI, WBC confirmed: “The Council has not entered into an additional agreement with a developer for the development of land at Woking Football Club.

“The Council has not agreed the principle of letting the developer build on this land with a new application.” 

The statement concluded: “It should be noted that a new planning application has not yet been submitted.”

Although an agreement has not yet been signed, GolDev could seek an agreement should planning permission be approved. 

Woking FC are publicly against the updated plans, due to the lack of benefit to the club.


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