Sports Stadium Artist Makes Kingfield Picture Perfect

By Jacob Greenwood 

Woking fans can now purchase merchandise featuring a painted image of Kingfield after artist James Muddiman picked The Cards’ home ground for his latest project.

Muddiman, who has painted over 250 stadiums from around the World, has never attended Kingfield, but the ground was one that stood out to him. He told Everything Woking FC:

“I’ve not been to Kingfield because I live in the midlands, but I like its setting. There are loads of trees surrounding the ground, buildings in the background and the cosy old main stand view from the impressive big end stand.”

James’ take on Kingfield Stadium

After suffering health problems earlier this decade, James decided to concentrate on his artwork and combined it with his passion, painting sports stadiums.

Thanks to a deal with Newage Prints, fans can purchase prints, mobile phone cases, canvases and original painted images from the experienced painter’s website, You can find a link to his Woking work and prices below.

Woking Products

Hand painted – £250

Print – £15

Canvas – £50

Mug – £12

Phone cases – (from) £15


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