Council Asks Cardinal Court Developers To ‘Reassess Plans’ Following Resident Concerns

By Jacob Greenwood 

Woking Council has agreed a proposal tabled by local councillor Will Forster that asks the development team behind Cardinal Court to reassess their development plans.

The topic of Cardinal Court was discussed by councillors at their latest meeting on Thursday (17th October) after a petition by South Woking Action Group (SWAG) received 700 signatures.  Although GolDev Ltd and Dukelease, those planning the development of a proposed 10,000 seater stadium and around 1,000 flats, have not yet formally submitted a planning application, it was agreed that Woking Council would advise the parties to rethink the scale of the development.

This was an outcome that was welcomed by SWAG. In a letter to councillors, they stated:

“Thank you for listening to us and agreeing to ask relevant parties to reassess proposals to save Woking FC and redevelop the ground. We are happy to assist and be involved in any way we can.”

Interestingly, SWAG doesn’t seem to want to scupper plans for redevelopment at Kingfield, but instead would like to see the current ground upgraded. One of the leaders of SWAG, Andy Caulfield, told Everything Woking FC:

“We want a proportionate upgrade of the current ground. [This could include] a major new stand along Westfield Avenue, with all facilities needed for non match day income, and upgrades as needed of the KRE, Chris Lane Terrace, Moaners’ Corner (where my dad stood for many years) and the LGS.”

“[There needs to be] proper assessment of the size of the ground needed, one the club can fill, and make money from. Then a sensible Willow Reach type development around ground on rest of available land.”
Kingfied Stadium Could Be Replaced By Cardinal Court With Work Expected To Start In 2021 If Plans Are Approved 

It is unlikely that the Cardinal Court development will alter its plans at this stage, although tweaks could be made based on this week’s decision. However, the plans could be forced to be changed more drastically in the planning application process.

We have approached Cardinal Court for a comment on this ruling, but are yet to receive an update.



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