Getting to know the opposition – FC Halifax Town

Woking face FC Halifax Town on Saturday after picking up a point against a strong Barnet team in midweek.

After defensive errors were costing The Cards vital points early on in the season, Garry Hill will be encouraged that Woking have only conceded one goal in their last three games. Saturday will be another tough test though with Halifax chasing their first victory on the road this season.

Town come into the game off the back of a 2-2 draw with Nuneaton Town and previous to that a heart-breaking 4-3 defeat to Luton Town. We talked to @BradleyDobson to find out about how The Shaymen have started this campaign.

Woking draw a blank vs Barnet on Tuesday evening
Woking draw a blank vs Barnet on Tuesday evening

Halifax have had a stable start to the season and a very impressive home record. Did the fans expect last season’s momentum to carry on into this season or has it taken supporters by surprise a little?

If you were to ask me at the start of the season where we’d like to of finished in the table, I’d of gladly took one place outside of the relegation zone. I think the real aim of this season is quite simply to just stay in this league, anything else is a bonus! The momentum from last season was prolific, with drawing with Guiseley at home in the first play-off leg of the BSN season, I had my doubts but on we went to Brackley and what a day that was, speechless comes to mind. The season so far? I don’t think any of us expected to do as well as we are. The main aim for us is to keep our home record a pristine as possible, that way we will stay in the Premier this season.

As I mentioned you have started well at home this season, why do think that is?

 We’ve had a great start to the season when it comes to our home record you’re right there! I think once the players know they have the whole ‘fortress’ thing going on, every home game becomes a bigger battle. It’s just a shame it hasn’t gone that way on our travels. In most seasons from the NPL upwards we’ve always had a good home record, fingers crossed we maintain it throughout the season.

Is the main aim for this season still survival or will fans be looking at nicking a play-off spot?

As I briefly said in the first question, the main aim is to stay up! I’d be more than happy with that, as I’m sure all Town supporters would be as well as he club. The way we’ve kicked off this season, who is to say we won’t nick a play-off place? Let’s get Christmas out of the way and then ask me again.

Who will Woking fans have to look out for on Saturday?

Dan Gardner in attack and Marc Roberts in defence. I won’t say anymore, can’t be giving to much information away. After all, we need an away win at some point!

Finally, what is you score prediction?

 0-3 to Halifax, I think the away win as been coming, Saturday I feel is the day.

Questions and article by Jacob Greenwood @JGreenwood91

Photo by David Holmes. A full set can be found at

Come on you Cards!


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