Cardinals 1887 Fans Roundtable

By Jacob Greenwood

For the first time in a long time, as we turn the corner from winter into spring, Woking have something to play for and the big games keep on coming. You know something is bubbling at Kingfield when BT Sport (finally) acknowledge our existence and Saturday’s home game against Chesterfield, which is live on TV, is set up perfectly. 

However, regardless of what happens on Saturday, and throughout April and May, it has been a memorable season. Ahead of the crucial run-in we gathered the thoughts of some Cards fans about the season so far, what could get us over the line and options for next season. In the two-part feature we’ll hear from Will Bewsey (@WillB_2003), Adam Bowyer (@AdzBow1983), Ben Parker (@ben_pxrker), Dominik Lipnicki (@dominikymd) and Tom Law (@thetowlaw11). 

Thanks for joining the first Cardinals 1887 Fans Roundtable! What a season it has been so far at Kingfield, and as the season approaches its climax, our ‘player of the season’ isn’t as clear-cut as it has been in the past. In your opinion who has been Woking’s most valuable player this season?

WB: Jim Kellermann. Versatile, dependable and a big game player, the fact that our main midfield 3 of Ince, Anderson/Sol and himself has barely changed, yet looks like a well oiled machine, is partly down to Kellermann, a fans favourite for sure.

AB: There are 7 or 8 players that spring to mind instantly. However, I would say Rhys Browne, such an intelligent footballer that brings the performance and attacking threat up a gear. Although we have missed other players through injury, we really missed him when he was suspended. 

BP: I think James Daly has been the most valuable player. He links the midfield and attack really well and without him, we struggle going forward.

DL: Josh Casey. He is Mr reliable, delivers a 7 or 8 out of 10 match in, match out. It isn’t just his game but his intelligence and game management, it’s what he does for the team as a whole. He is an intelligent footballer, always fit and very much needed to organise the team.

Captain Fantastic: The Reliable Josh Casey

TL: Kellermann for me. He has shown great energy and when he isn’t in the team it is a big loss. 

Three of the four players you nominated were new additions this season. Darren and his team have been brilliant and recruiting players, but others have also developed. Who do you believe is the most improved player from last season?

WB: Josh Casey has been absolutely outstanding, leading from the front as we saw in 2019/20, but this Casey appears to be the best version yet. Testament to him that Jake Vokins, a very good footballer, barely got a sniff.

AB: Joe McNerney! Really struggled for form last season and I was worried when Wilkinson was injured and out of the team. However, Joe has been superb this season and back to his best.

Defensive Rock: Joe McNerney has impressed this season

BP: I think it is probably Kyran Lofthouse. I know he is now playing in his preferred position [as opposed to right-back in previous seasons] but he has scored crucial goals in crucial moments. 

DL: This question is a little more difficult as we have signed quite a few players in the summer. Joe McNerney has looked really solid, strong and organised. He is great at defending set pieces and has definitely contributed much to our good defensive record this season.

TL: I’d also say McNerney. The turnaround from last season has been brilliant. He looked like he was reaching the end of his career last season but under Sarll he has looked calm and collected. 

We are sat third in the table in mid-March, so it is fair to say this season has caught a few by surprise, but what has surprised you most this season (on or off the pitch)? 

WB: The speed in which we’ve managed to go from a work in progress to a top 3 contender, considering the relatively large turnover last summer.

AB: Being in 3rd for the majority of the season. The progress made on the pitch has been brilliant and a lot quicker than expected. At the beginning of the season I would have been absolutely delighted if we somehow pinched 7th place on the last day. Off the pitch, the away followings have been fantastic, Gateshead sticks in my mind, had we ever taken 150+ up there before this season?!

Loud & Proud: Impressive numbers have followed the team this season

BP: Genuinely think I’ve been most surprised by the fact the team has never dropped off at any point. It’s installed into you the idea we flop come Christmas, but that just hasn’t been the case.

DL: Our away form has been amazing. The manager, the staff and the players have done a great job at managing games and getting the results, meaning that we have stayed near the top for so long. I expected us to be mid-table this season but now I would like to think that we can beat most teams at home. However, I never expected our away form to be so devastating.

TL: I think the amount of character we have shown in some games has been a pleasant surprise. So many times this season we have fought right until the end. It’s also great to see the progress being made of the pitch with the fan zone, etc. It feels like we are starting to operate as Football League side which is important. 

Thanks for reading the first segment of the Fans Roundtable. Check back for part two that will look at the hurdles Woking will have to come in the play-offs and what we need to succeed next season! 

Pictures are by David Holmes and Phil Fiddes. For full galleries please head to


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