Woking Will Be In A Strong Position After Pandemic – Josh Casey

By Jacob Greenwood 

Woking skipper Josh Casey believes the club will be in a strong position when football finally returns after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Casey, who scooped Manager’s, Players’ and Fans’ ‘Player of the Year’ last season, told the Half Time Oranges Podcast that The Cards will be better positioned than clubs that have spent beyond their means:

“I think Woking will be in a really strong position going forwards. There’s no debt and they aren’t paying full-time wages.

“Non-league will be completely changed by this (Covid-19 pandemic) but Woking are in a strong position as they are part-time and have no debt or real committed out-goings.”

Casey featured in what turned out to be the last game of the season vs Barnet

Woking were due to play Dagenham & Redbridge on March 14th. However, The Daggers pulled out of the game late on and shortly after the season was suspended. Casey had concerns about playing that day, and admitted he wasn’t alone:

“It was really strange, it happened so quickly with the lockdown and games begin called off.

“The Premier League, Football League and leagues below us called games off but we were supposed to be playing.

“We were really shocked. The players were messaging each other before the game and nobody really wanted to play.”

Casey went on to discuss his views on this season and playing the pantomime villain, amongst other topics. You can listen to the full interview here .

Image by David Holmes. A full set can be found at wokingfc.co.uk


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