Getting to know the opposition – Barnet

By Jacob Greenwood

Woking’s trip to Barnet signals the start of a difficult month for The Cards as they look to secure their Conference status.

Since the departure of Edgar Davids from The Hive, Barnet have been on a great run and have won 5 out of 5 games under the new management team of Ulrich Landvreugd and Dick Schreuder.

This will make it a very tough game for Woking who will be looking to bounce back from their 2-0 loss to Kidderminster Harriers on Tuesday evening.

We talked to Barnet fan and blogger Lucy Waldon about the Bees’ promotion hopes and that man, Edgar Davids, ahead of Woking’s first trip to The Hive –

Barnet were well known in footballing circles for having Edgar Davids at the helm earlier in the season, but he has now moved on, has this been a positive for the club being outside the media spotlight?

Definitely, although it’s fair to say he raised the profile of the club whilst he was with us. This wasn’t always a good thing, mind – what the numerous red cards and his decision not to travel away with the team. The latter certainly didn’t go down well with fans. That said, a lot of the time I was pinching myself; how does a player of that calibre ever stumble across a club like us? Since his departure, we have been getting the results we need as well – massive credit to Uli and Dick for the hard work they’ve put in.

The two sides played out a goalless draw at Kingfield earlier in the season
The two sides played out a goalless draw at Kingfield earlier in the season

How have the new management team gone about changing your fortunes, as you have been on a very impressive run recently?

Well nothing has changed, really. We’d been playing decent football before, it was all about grinding results. I think the players respect Uli and Dick a lot more and there’s no “I’m better than you” attitude. The players seem to be playing with a lot more confidence too, which is good to see. We’ve now won five in a row – a feat we’ve not achieved for a while (someone mentioned 2004 was the last time this happened – not sure how true that is).

You are currently 15 points off of Luton, does that mean the fans have given up hope of being champions and are starting to focus on securing a play-off spot?

I don’t think we ever thought we’d go straight back up, let alone as champions! The Conference is a lot harder than it was the last time we were in it (we went up in 04/05) and so many of the teams that were previously in the Football League have proved that. We are gaining momentum at a good time though, so if we carry on, I don’t see why we can’t cement a play-off place. I don’t think the wheels will fall off for Luton now, either.

This will be Woking’s first trip to The Hive, can you sum it up for us?

Well it’s your typical modern stadia, pretty lifeless. It’s in the middle of nowhere too, with houses either side of the gates. Underhill was your traditional old-school ground, whereas The Hive is the opposite. It has no charm either. The pitch is incredible though, although the London Broncos now play there too, so I’m not sure how long it’ll stay in top condition!

Finally, what is your score prediction?

With no disrespect to Woking, it’s a game we should win, particularly on home soil. However, it’s bound to be tough and after losing to Chester, we only managed narrow wins over Tamworth and Southport. We have never been particularly good against the bottom sides, either. I’m going to for 2-0 Bees with Lopez and Weston on the score sheet.

You can visit Lucy’s blog at –

Questions by Jacob Greenwood @JGreenwood91

Photo by David Holmes. For a full set visit

Come on you Cards!


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