Fan Interview – Woking’s poor start and where we go from here

People often say that you can’t judge how a team will do based on their pre-season results. This has proved the case at Kingfield this season and Woking beat both Gillingham and Bournemouth whilst only losing one game during pre-season.However, The Cards have struggled early in the season with only one win in seven games. Despite this there appears to be an air on calm with fans having a lot of trust in the management team.

We talked to Woking fan Adrian Corbett to find out where things have been going wrong and if fans should be starting to worry.

Hi Adrian,

After the initial pre-season excitement everything has gone a bit flat after a poor start, a derby day defeat and four loses on the bounce, why do you think we have suffered from such a poor start?

The loss of 3 very good players who are practically impossible to replace I.e. Bubb, Stockley and Knott – arguably best players in the league last season.

Gavin Williams scores in Woking's defeat to Aldershot Town
Gavin Williams scores in Woking’s defeat to Aldershot Town

Woking fans have reason to be positive after an improved performance against Alfreton last week but various players were playing out of their natural position, do you think this is something Garry should stick with?

You only play players out of position when needs must.  Sometimes players do adapt to being good in a couple of positions.

 The loan window is a place where Garry has been successfully before, is this an area you could see us performing in well again this season? If not, could this count against us with the lack of disposal income to spend on permanent players?

If we can get similar deals to last season where the owning club still covered all if not a large proportion of their wages then yes the loan moves are a good idea.

What worries Woking fans the most is that we haven’t been losing to teams that are expected to be in the top have of the table, do you think we can perform better on the big occasions like last season?

It doesn’t personally worry me!  Over the course of the season we will find our true level then that’s the time to judge.

Finally, where do you think we will finish this season?

Difficult to say this early especially when you can’t see where the next goal is coming from.  As long as we don’t spend cash we don’t have and live within our budget and have a football club in the future, that is more important.

Questions and article by Jacob Greenwood @JGreenwood91

Photo by David Holmes. A full set can be found at

Come on you Cards!


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