Blog post – Reasons to be positive/how to deal with ATFC fans

 By Jacob Greenwood

So, it happened.

Woking lost twice over the bank holiday with ex-Cards Loick Pires and Brett Williams scoring and rubbing our faces in it with their celebrations.

Let’s not beat around the bush either, with the exception of Mike Cestor, we were pretty awful at Aldershot on Monday. We knew it was going to happen though, didn’t we? We always lose at The Rec, it’s as inevitable as England going out of a tournament on penalties.

Not many positives came out of yesterday’s game but in terms of moving forward there might just be light at the end of the tunnel. So here are the positives for you:

1)      1) Nobody got sent off – after our feisty start to the season this is good news and Jack Parkinson and Giuseppe Sole will return from suspension on Saturday.

2)      2) Garry is as happy as us – Many a Woking manager would have told us we are playing well and the team are still gelling. Luckily under the management of Garry Hill this isn’t happening. He made clear in his post-match interview that he was unhappy with the discipline, defence and attack and is looking to improve it.

3)     3) The close of the transfer window – The transfer window doesn’t really affect the Conference as much as the Football League and the Premier League. However, if teams can’t get rid of fringe players when the window has shut, the loan window is still open and I think we could benefit hugely from this.

4)     4)  Gateshead on the rocks? – This, in itself, is a dangerous statement to make. Despite that I will stick by it and point to the fact they have lost four and drawn one game and currently have no manager. This is a great chance to bounce back and get some points on the board.

So that is all I have for now, hopefully that has cheered you up! If you find yourself in a situation with an Aldershot fan today, gently remind them they used to be in the Football League whilst we were in the Conference South and now we are above them in the table and this points to a clear power shift in Woking’s favour.

Come on you Cards!


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